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Even though many customers report an immediate freedom from pain, it may take a while ridding your tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow completely and of course it is also possible that the Masalo Cuff may not have the desired effect in your personal case. An epicondylitis is a serious medical issue and medical matters are always individual. The healing progress is dependant on many factors and differs for each patient. Therefore and for legal reasons we cannot and will not provide a healing guaranty. Some reviews have been translated from German.
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Immediate relief

24. August 2022

I have had tennis elbow since around May 2022. Initially ignored and dismissed as a trifle, my symptoms worsened and normal movement was hardly possible.

At first I used physiotape, which also helped, but the tapes didn’t last long.

The day before yesterday, I looked for bandages and looked at various types and brands.

As a nurse, I have a certain knowledge background and would like to say a big thank you to the inventor of the Masalo cuff for inventing and offering a practical bandage with brains and understanding.

The Masalo cuff arrived today and I used it immediately. It fits perfectly and directs the forces past the painful area.

The promised pain relief started after 10 minutes. Perfect 👌🏼 Wearing the cuff is still unusual at first, but I will soon get used to it.

Thank you for this great, useful and helpful cuff.

Gunnar Luther

Response from

Hello Mr. Luther, thank you for your feedback. That’s exactly how it should be, you really have to feel the relief clearly right away. If it is tennis elbow, the function test must also work. But feel free to experiment a little more with the settings and if you like, feel free to send us some mobile phone photos, maybe we can give you some additional tips and optimise everything a little more. In your work as a nurse, I recommend that you tighten the brace a bit during work (at least when there is a lot of strain). But in such a way that blood circulation is always ensured during bending, movement. If everything goes normally, you should be able to work pain-free, or at least without major pain, and the epicondylitis should still heal in a few weeks. (However, this can take 3 months or longer in some cases) If we can still support you in any way, please contact us. We wish you a good recovery. Kind regards Harry Röder

Honestly - this is incredible, helps immediately

2. August 2022

Hello and good day Mr. Harry Röder,

Now that a few months have passed in which I have worn the two Masaloman cuffs regularly – also at night – I would like to describe my experiences. What I am writing to you sounds almost unbelievable and when I say this on the evaluation portal, people say “that’s a hoax”. But it’s not like that. Everything is true as I will now write it down.

After an odyssey of almost 3 months, I finally got the two machines and as soon as I put them on, I felt an improvement within a few minutes. I could do a lot of things again, for example lift a 1.5 litre water bottle without pain. Even drinking a cup of coffee was only possible again because of the rotation of the wrist.

I did not take it easy, rather the opposite was the case. I carried 10 litre full cleaning buckets, carried a 20 litre petrol can and washed my SUV, which is quite high, several times. Vacuuming the flat, cleaning stairs and windows all no problem as long as I wore the cuffs.

When I got careless and thought I could do it without the cuffs, the punishment followed on its heels. So I continued as before. And then it really started.

We had our garden redesigned, but we still had to put a border in the ground to finish it off. I had already planned everything last year and there were already 25 one-metre-long granite edging stones weighing about 30 kilos ready and waiting to be installed. It was no problem at all, with the sleeves, to make the excavation and, without any aids, to simply burn, align and bury the edging stones by hand on the spot. The operation took several days. But it was completely painless.

After this construction site was finished, I had a few weeks of rest before the next project came. Our heating was changed from oil to gas and we now had the basement free where the oil tanks were. I flowed the whole area, had to carry 40 kilo bags, move heavy packages of tiles, paint and plaster everything. Then put up shelves and put everything away.

I was busy for over a week and made the mistake of not using the cuffs at the end. The receipt came promptly. I had the usual pain again. I immediately went back to wearing both cuffs for a few days and have now been pain-free for over 3 weeks and do not wear them at the moment.

Mr Röder, I would like to thank you again for your help and good advice. Without your invention, I would not be ready today. If you would like to publish my report, I will allow you to use my full name. However, as I mentioned at the beginning, I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know me personally will believe my story.

Kind regards from Voerde

Yours, Dieter Banaszak

Dieter Banaszak

Response from

Hello Mr Banaszak, thank you for the report. It’s great, it’s the same for most users. I always say that lazy people don’t get tennis elbow and those who do always have a lot to do 😉 But I’m posting the report because it doesn’t matter if someone thinks it’s “fake”. If you buy the cuff and put it on properly, you will notice that it is true 😊 I wish you all the best and stay healthy (nevertheless, you should rather put on the bandages as a precaution when you are facing extremely heavy loads, it is better than getting pain again afterwards). Best regards Harry Röder


9. July 2022

I heard about the cuff from a colleague. Thank you very much. I had given up. I couldn’t grip a cup, hold a pen, let alone sleep because my arms hurt so much. I still have a long way to go, but after only 24 hours I feel much better.

Kirsten Knust

Response from

Hello Ms Knust, thank you for your feedback. Please wear the brace consistently, this will shorten the healing process, but it will take time until you are completely pain-free again without the brace. I recommend that you send some photos of your arm with the support on to our support team at There are often ways to optimise the whole thing. I also recommend our page “Tips for dealing with epicondylitis”. This will help you get better faster and prevent possible damage. We wish you a good recovery. Kind regards Your Masalo Team Harry Röder

The only bandage that helps

7. July 2022

This is the second time I have had tennis elbow on my right side. First in 2019 and now again in June 2022. Anyone who suffers from tennis elbow knows what pain it can be.

In 2019, I was prescribed braces and bandages (the usual ones). After these bandages didn’t help me at all, but rather made the whole thing worse, as I found the pressure coming from above on the muscle tendons extremely uncomfortable and the pain rather worsened as a result, I dropped the bandages and braces. At that time I was treated with cortisone injections and then I searched the internet for alternatives and came across the Masalo cuff, at that time still in leather, and what can I say …. in my opinion only this cuff helped.

I had to have cortisone injections to get the inflammation out of my arm and the cuff did the rest. I only took the cuff off to take a shower and wore it permanently for up to six months. As soon as I felt a pulling sensation in my arm again, I put the cuff on and after 2 weeks I was calm again.

Now, due to too much stress at work and not paying enough attention to the warning signs of my body, I put so much strain on my right and left arm that my entire right hand was numb and my left arm also started to pinch. So I had tennis elbow again in an acute state, which unfortunately also dragged me down psychologically, because my body completely slowed me down.

Getting dressed, combing my hair, brushing my teeth – everything was only possible with pain, even driving a car and shifting gears was impossible for 1 week.

Now I even had problems with the cuff at the beginning, because it also hurt when I wore it and I didn’t know whether I was squeezing my nerves by putting it on too tightly, because everything was numb.

I then contacted Massalo’s support team, who responded promptly and very helpfully and asked me to send photos so that they could assess the problem. At this point, I would like to thank Mr. Siebert from Support once again.

I have now been treated again twice with cortisone injections. Again, the support wrote to me that this must be treated by a doctor and that the cortisone injections are very effective. After the first injection it took 1 week until it got better.

Today I had the second injection and I think that by next week I should be able to work again with the cuff and the cortisone treatment.

All in all, I have to say that I probably put the cuff on too tightly at first, but I just wanted to immobilise the arm as much as possible because of the pain. I ordered another cuff for my left arm.

H. Struck

Response from

Hello Mrs Struck, thank you very much for your feedback. We are very happy about that, because it shows us that our support really helps, but unfortunately it is used far too seldom… Unfortunately, anyone who has ever had epicondylitis is always latently in danger of getting it again due to overstraining. Therefore, it is best to always have the bandages with you and to put them on as a precaution when things get very strenuous, even if everything is fine. Better prophylaxis than pain… Many customers who still had our former BASIC made of leather do not get along with the new Masalo® MED cuff right away. The new version is much more comfortable and much more effective, so you don’t have to adjust it so tightly. This happens often, but our customers know that we are there to help. Everything should be fine now, otherwise please contact Mr Siebert again 😊 We wish you a good recovery and a nice weekend. If anything happens, please let us know right away. Best regards, Your Masalo Team Harry Röder

Super 👍👍

22. June 2022

I have been wearing the cuff for 2 weeks now. I am really thrilled how quickly and how well the cuff helps.

The Masalo team gave me very good advice and support on the phone and by email.

I can finally work again without pain. I went swimming after wearing it for a week. 👍 It was quickly dry again after a short sunbath. Even cycling without pain is no problem . 🙂 I am really thrilled with the effect of the cuff. I finally have my quality of life back after months of pain. 😊👍👍👍👍👍

Kerstin Töpfer

Response from

Hello Mrs. Töpfer, thank you very much for sending us your feedback 😊 Yes, it really pays to get in touch with our support and not to give up straight away if things don’t work out straight away. You’re on the right track now and I’m sure after a while you’ll be able to do everything pain-free again without a cuff. But with the cuff, you can already enjoy life again without pain. That makes us very happy 😊 Please wear the cuff really consistently until you are completely recovered. Otherwise, the epicondylitis may return quickly (unfortunately, many people take off the cuff too soon, which can prolong the healing process). Continue to take our tips to heart and you will soon be “out of the woods”. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. I wish you a good recovery and lots of fun with your activities. Best regards Harry Röder

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