Working principle Masalo Cuff

Cause of the epicondylitis

The main cause of tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are the tensile forces that act on the tendon insertions with each movement of the arm, which can cause inflammation.

Diagram cause of epicondylitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow of Masalo UK.
Diagram of Masalo cuff countertraction principle against tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mouse elbow, epicondylitis

Tensile forces? Counter-traction.

You can see the action of these tensile forces on your own arm:
Place the arm on a table and move the fingers, you will see the movement at the outer epicondyle.
Or simply close your hand into a fist a few times and open it again. If you now grab the lower part of your forearm in the area of the tendon insertions near the elbow with your other hand, you will feel the muscles – the tensile forces – working.

Will this really help me?

Our patented invention has already helped 10’000s of fellow sufferers to rid their tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow for good. Our unique epicondylitis brace is not comparable to any medical device you know.

Can I test this “counter-traction”?

Grasp the centre of the forearm of the affected arm with your (other) hand.
Push/pull the flesh/tissue towards the elbow with all your strength, stretching and straining the arm slightly.
You should already feel slight pain relief here – an initial indication that our cuff can help you.
In layman’s terms, this is our operating principle in a nutshell – but of course our cuff can do much more 🙂

English TV report about the Masalo Cuff

The German broadcasting channel “Welt der Wunder” (engl. “World full of miracles”) and a highly respected sports physician from Switzerland tested our Masalo Cuff against epicondylitis.

In this clip the unique mechanism of action of the cuff is explained by the physician and the clinical picture of the tennis elbow and why our invention can help every sufferer is shown as well.

Convince yourself and take a look!

Function of the Masalo Cuff

The Masalo Cuff works with the proven Masalo counter-traction principle, which is still unique in the field of epicondylitis aids.

Correctly applied, our cuff provides immediate relief of the injured tendon insertions and the arm can be used again.

Over 70,000 customers have already been able to defeat their injury with our help.

Immediate relief

The injured tendon attachments can heal and the arm can be used normally again

Unique mechanism of action

Tensile forces are diverted to the upper arm strap

The comfortable forearm cuff of the Masalo Cuff is placed in the middle of the forearm and fixed with the high-quality and very durable Velcro fastener.

The upper arm strap is then also attached with Velcro and adjusted according to the activity, load and degree of injury/illness.

Due to the unique and patented design, the upper arm strap holds with every movement. Slippage of the strap is prevented by an additional element with silicone nubs inside.
The tensile forces are reduced or stopped completely by the counter-traction principle, and the affected area is relieved. The negative tensile forces are diverted to the upper arm strap and rendered harmless. This gives the affected tendons a chance to heal, although the arm can still be used and loaded normally.

The Masalo Cuff does not work with compression (pressure) and can therefore be worn permanently. The secured blood circulation can positively support the healing process, even at night the arm is supported and relieved.

The Masalo Cuff creates a counter-traction, which counteracts the tensile forces and immediately relieves the affected area!

Brief info:

Unique counter-traction principle immediately relieves the injured area

The tendon insertions are protected and healing is positively influenced

The cuff can be worn permanently without disturbing the blood circulation – this allows protection and relief – day and night!

The Masalo Cuff is not a conventional tennis elbow support and does NOT work with compression

What makes the Masalo Cuff so special?

The Masalo Cuff is washable, so it can be worn even in professions where there are high standards of hygiene, such as in the field of nursing, hospitals, day care centers, etc.

Accordingly also sweaty workouts or tough jobs in rough, dirty environments are no longer a problem.

The Masalo Cuff can be worn permanently and thus significantly reduce downtime on the job.

In addition, the cuff can now be worn for swimming, water sports activities like surfing, stand-up paddling, etc.

You can even wear the cuff under a shirt and generally under your clothes.

The Masalo Cuff can be worn preventively and provide immediate relief for acute and chronic epicondylitis.

The cuff can and should be worn 24 hours initially if possible, so that the tendons remain permanently relieved – even at night – and sleep is not disturbed by uncontrolled movements.

Woman wears Masalo cuff at night against tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mouse elbow

Information video:

Please watch our info video first!
Please click “Play” to watch!

What size do I need to order?

The Masalo Cuff is available in two different sizes and versions for the left and right arm.

To determine the correct size, please measure your forearm circumference at the thickest part of the affected arm (when slightly extended, in a relaxed state)

Then choose your size and whether you need the cuff for the left or right arm.

Between 25.5cm and 28.5cm both sizes fit.
Please choose size 1 if your forearm circumference is 27cm or less, and size 2 if it is more than 27cm.

Size chart for Masalo cuff MED against tennis elbow, golfer's elbow

Can the Masalo Cuff really help me?

Please also read the testimonials and reviews of our customers. The Masalo Cuff has already helped thousands of patients to beat their epicondylitis for good.

The Masalo Cuff can be used for acute and chronic epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, mouse elbow) as well as a preventive measure. It is effective for injuries to the inner epicondyle (“golfer’s elbow”) as well as for inflammation of the outer epicondyle (“tennis elbow”) and is available for both the left and right arm.

Multiple layers of tested textiles, padding and other tensile and functional materials provide amazing effect, optimal comfort and an attractive appearance.

The unique active principle of the Masalo Cuff protects the tendon insertions in almost all everyday situations and movements of the arm – whether work, during sports or in normal everyday life.

You can make individual adjustments (e.g. tighten the upper arm strap a little for certain activities) to ensure that the counter-traction is already working when the arm is angled at just over 90 degrees.

Basically, you can use the arm normally and in everyday life one usually only rarely has to remain in certain positions (strongly bent or extremely stretched) over a long period of time. If this is necessary because, for example, you have to work a lot on the PC and with the mouse, please select other settings as described and, if possible, make usage of an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. In addition, you should always take small breaks and move the arm very consciously.

Woman working at PC and computer wearing Masalo cuff against mouse arm and tennis elbow

Our Masalo Cuff cannot guarantee 100% and complete protection of the tendons in every situation – but this is not necessary to recover.

Above all, it is important to move the arm as often as possible and to use it as normally as possible. This movement additionally loosens and massages the forearm muscles. The cuff should loosen again and again with the arm strongly bent, so that the blood circulation is undisturbed. Blood is important for the healing process.

Unlike other tennis elbow bracelets with compression principle, our Masalo Cuff can therefore be worn permanently and thus make an essential contribution to full recovery.

What positively affects the recovery process and additionally protects the tendons better in any situation are quite simple and inexpensive wrist bandages. In this regard, please also take another look at our page “Tips for dealing with epicondylitis”.

In fact, the main stress on the tendon insertions is caused by movements of the wrist and fingers.

Please make sure to perform all work as evenly as possible and not in a jerky manner. Even though our cuff cannot provide 100% and permanent protection for the tendons, it does provide relief in the vast majority of the time and this supports the healing process drastically.

Therefore, wear the Masalo Cuff as often and consistently as possible.


The Masalo Cuff works with a unique principle of action and has already helped thousands of sufferers.

The outstanding effect has always been the unique selling point of our clever invention – the relief should be noticeable immediately after putting the cuff on correctly.

The Masalo Cuff is of high quality workmanship, visually attractive, effective and consists of a variety of layers of the most modern, functional materials, which make wearing the cuff very pleasant and comfortable.

Two men stand in front of medical store and talk about Masalo cuff against tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mouse elbow

If you are unsure, show the Masalo Cuff or the product description to a trusted physician

The cuff is washable and can therefore be worn in professions with high hygiene standards, as well as for swimming, water sports and much more.

The affected area is not only relieved immediately and permanently by the counter-traction exerted by the cuff, but the forearm muscles are also massaged and loosened when the arm is moved.

Due to the counter-traction the cuff cannot be compared to conventional tennis elbow bandages or braces – our Masalo Cuff works according to a unique principle of action.

The Masalo Cuff is therefore the ideal aid for all epicondylitis sufferers, athletes, workers and active people and should also prophylactically “sit” in every medicine cabinet and sports bag.

Information material:

If you are still unsure, show the Masalo Cuff or the product description to your family doctor and get an additional professional opinion. So you can be sure that the Masalo Cuff is the right tool for you.

Simply click on the button labeled “View Info-PDF” and print out our information flyer or send the file. 100% virus free and safe.



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