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Even though many customers report an immediate freedom from pain, it may take a while ridding your tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow completely and of course it is also possible that the Masalo Cuff may not have the desired effect in your personal case. An epicondylitis is a serious medical issue and medical matters are always individual. The healing progress is dependant on many factors and differs for each patient. Therefore and for legal reasons we cannot and will not provide a healing guaranty. Some reviews have been translated from German.
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Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 437 reviews)

Pain mostly gone

Rated 3.0 out of 5
24. September 2021

The pain is really noticeably reduced after 20 minutes, but I also hoped for full hand functionality, which is unfortunately not present. For example, when I use the impact wrench and put pressure on the device, I notice that my fist does not reach the pressure it used to and I still feel a stinging in my elbow. I hoped to regain full functionality and complete freedom from pain, but neither is achievable when working. Maybe I am too impatient and expect too much too quickly. I hope that there will be improvement after 1 month, I will give feedback again if I may.

Addendum: Thank you for the quick reply, and I will move the upper arm cuff if necessary or tighten it a little and pain without strain is gone, thank God, otherwise I would certainly not have ordered 2!


Response from

Hello Mr Maier, 3 star ratings actually mean that you are not really satisfied with the product. But you ordered a second bandage because the first one worked very well. Our cuff helps very well, as you have noticed yourself. However, you really can’t expect that there will be no more pain for everyone and always immediately and with every possible strain. Tennis elbow doesn’t happen overnight, but has existed for some time beforehand. Healing also takes time. You will get rid of your epicondylitis, I am quite sure of that. But it also takes patience and small “setbacks” are quite normal in the healing process. You can work, which is better than not being able to work. If you now also tighten the support as described for heavy loads, i.e. for more effect, most work will be possible without pain. Twisting movements (e.g. with a screwdriver) or even blows, which then act on the tendon insertions, can still lead to strain pain. The Masalo MED cuff helps very well, but unfortunately it can’t work miracles either. To be honest, I personally don’t find 3 stars appropriate. Well, there are hardly any negative reviews and yours is not negative except for the 3 stars. Since we don’t censor and publish everything, your report is also online. We wish you a good recovery. Best regards Harry Röder

Fit could be improved

Rated 3.0 out of 5
19. July 2020

I have been suffering from epicondylitis on my right elbow since October 2019. After all kinds of treatments (injections, medication, ultrasound, stretching exercises, etc.), all of which only brought short-term relief, I decided to try out the brace. I have been wearing it for three months now. However, only during the day. At night it is somehow too much for me. There has been an improvement. Without the support, I could hardly do my gardening, let alone carry anything heavy.

Still, I would have hoped for something more. Unfortunately, I also have some difficulties with the fit. My upper arm is clearly too narrow. So the upper part folds down very quickly. Unfortunately, the Velcro strip is also useless. It scratches terribly. It is also too thin. I have now glued in the padding from my previous bandage. Nevertheless, the upper part only holds when I pull it very tight. Overall, the support could be a bit more flexible and flatter. Now in summer, you sweat quite a lot under it. Maybe my review will help you improve the product, because despite everything, I wouldn’t want to miss it. Although it washes well and dries quite quickly, I would also like a darker colour.

Angela Treutler

Response from

Hello Mrs Treutler, thank you very much for your valuable experience report. Unfortunately, you have not yet sent us any photos of your arm with the cuff on – but we are quite sure that we could optimise the application together and you would then be even more satisfied with your cuff 🙂 Often it is small measures such as moving the forearm cuff towards the hand or slightly tightening the upper arm strap that lead to amazing results and better sensation, wearing comfort and greater relief. Nevertheless, we are happy if the cuff helps you – we will be happy to assist you and accompany you on the way to healing. Thank you for your experience report and continue to recover well!

It works - but only acutely for me.

Rated 3.0 out of 5
19. July 2018

Tennis elbow since 01/18. I wore a cuff day and night for a good 2 months. With the cuff it was ok, but not painless. As soon as I took it off (even after 2 months) the whole problem came back. Two weeks ago, I started to change the therapy completely: several minutes of training with the Gyrotwister and massive stretching exercises several times a day. I know that people here warn against stretching, but I noticed a clear improvement after just a few days. I’m still not completely free of symptoms, but I could live with even the current “residual pain”. But it is still getting better almost every day. So what – everyone has to find the therapy that helps them…..

Oliver Janko, Petershagen

Response from

Dear Mr. Janko, everyone should be able to report their experiences here, without censorship. I have to be honest, I’m quite happy to get a 3-star rating, because many people see all the 5-star ratings here as fake, but the reports are all real and verifiable, another 350 or so are on Ebay and plenty on Facebook. The whole internet is full of positive reports… actually unbelievable. You received the bandage from us at the end of April 2018 and we have also had email correspondence. All of us who have been or are affected by epicondylitis are similar people. We are active and also all impatient. You have my full understanding there. It sucks when it just won’t heal fast enough. However, you should – if you like – read the testimonials here in more detail. There are many customers who are healed after 4-6 weeks. However, they all reacted very quickly after the onset of tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow and used the sleeve permanently. They did this for a while, but you simply can’t expect epicondylitis to heal after 2 months, you just have to allow for 3-5 months, just like many of our customers. We don’t always go to the doctor right away when we feel a twinge and only when we can’t take it any more. But tennis elbow already exists weeks or months before, it almost always comes on slowly… What you write is not really logical for me with classic tennis or golfer’s elbow. The cuff has enabled you to cope with everyday life normally, so it has had a positive effect (even if you still had pain AFTER 2 months and when you put the cuff on). The Masalo cuff works against the tensile forces, pulling the tissue, tendons etc. towards the elbow where the tendons are. It pulls the tissue, tendons etc. towards the elbow where the tendon insertions are and relieves them. In your case, this has led to it being “OK so far”, i.e. pain has been relieved. Now you put the most extreme strain on the tendons and pull them back in the other direction with a Gyrotwister and stretching exercises with maximum force – and it gets better… (Apart from stretching exercises, one of the worst things you can do with tennis elbow is work with a screwdriver, which is why many people get tennis elbow). So I can’t really understand your description, but medicine doesn’t have to be logical and is always individual. Maybe you really only have cramps, which are usually best massaged and thus eliminated. I don’t understand why both the traction force against the load – i.e. in the direction of the elbow and tendons through the Masalo cuff – and now a traction force in the other direction work. Of course you can do these stretching exercises, it’s up to you. But you should be aware that the main stress on the tendons is caused by precisely these movements (movements of the hand, wrist and fingers). You are now pulling with maximum force on the injured tendons (if there is an injury). In your own interest, I ask you to be careful with this. I have had so many client contacts in comparable situations where these people have stretched themselves to the point of immobility and – because you stretch in both directions – have also produced a golfer’s arm in addition to tennis elbow. Please be careful. Your story is certainly interesting for many people, but it is not comprehensible for me. Did I understand you correctly that you no longer use our bandage? I would ask you to get back to me in about 3 months, I am really interested to see how this turns out. If it doesn’t heal, just use the bandage again, you know now that it helps. However, you may make it worse at first and then start all over again, but maybe for some reason it will be fine. I look forward to your feedback and wish you a good recovery. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. Kind regards Harry Röder

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