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Even though many customers report an immediate freedom from pain, it may take a while ridding your tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow completely and of course it is also possible that the Masalo Cuff may not have the desired effect in your personal case. An epicondylitis is a serious medical issue and medical matters are always individual. The healing progress is dependant on many factors and differs for each patient. Therefore and for legal reasons we cannot and will not provide a healing guaranty. Some reviews have been translated from German.
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A collage of people wearing the Masalo Cuff MED against tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mouse arm

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 437 reviews)

Unpacked, Tried On, Returned

Rated 1.0 out of 5
17. May 2022

I had hoped for improvement after a long period of pain. This product will not help. Not a trace of wearing comfort. It is more of a hindrance than a help. No feeling of stabilisation or promised relief. I hope at least for a complication-free reversal.


Response from

Hello Mr. Auge, we thank you for your feedback, although this is not a field report in the true sense of the word. Nevertheless, we would like to publish your feedback, as it is your free opinion. After announcing the return, you sent us photos that clearly showed that the support was put on completely incorrectly and contrary to the instructions. We also informed you of this and offered you support and help. However, you refused our offer to help you put the cuff on effectively, stating that you were obviously not able to put the product on correctly and would rather return it. This is a real pity, because our product could certainly have helped you with a few simple steps. Well, we can’t and don’t want to force anyone to accept our help, but we think you could have made an attempt. That’s why I don’t think your feedback is really fair. You could only have judged whether or not the promised relief would occur after you had applied the product correctly. We understand that you are frustrated when things don’t work right away, but not that we are being accused of illegally trying to prevent returns with our offer of support and help or with our instructions in the order confirmations. Our return rate is about 0.5% because the Masalo Cuff helps so well and yet you got a full refund. Either way, we wish you a good recovery and should you get stuck, we are still happy to help. Kind regards Harry Röder

I expected more!

Rated 1.0 out of 5
12. August 2021

I am more than disappointed. I have been using the cuff for a few weeks now. I got it because I was convinced by the principle and the well presented advertising.

I’m at a point with my golf elbow where I’ll try anything to get rid of it. Unfortunately, the rather unpleasant feeling of wearing them makes me adopt a more protective posture, so that I now also have shoulder problems.

Can’t really recommend it! I would gladly return them if that is possible.

Andreas Höck

Response from

Hello Mr Höck, thank you very much for your feedback. As already written, what you write is absolutely exceptional and has never happened before, so I would recommend that you have yourself examined again, simply to rule out the possibility that there is another indication, but that is of course entirely up to you. Unfortunately, especially with golfer’s elbow, massive additional inflammations often occur and the healing of golfer’s elbow sometimes really needs a lot of patience, of course consistent wearing, as well as the absolute renunciation of stretching exercises etc.. However, you should quickly be able to perform most activities that were previously impossible or only possible with severe pain as pain-free as possible, or at least with significantly reduced pain. If there is no improvement at all, something is wrong. What is not at all typical is that you feel pain from the upper arm strap at the back of the upper arm. The injury is not located there and the strain caused by this belt is minimal and only occurs for a short time. Therefore, if you do not feel any relief at all, I would strongly recommend further diagnostics. But anyway, we are in medicine here and of course it can also happen that our Masalo Cuff MED does not help once. As I said, however, this is very unusual unless there are additional indications. In any case, we sincerely wish you a good recovery. Best regards Eric Siebert

May not work for everyone

Rated 1.0 out of 5
7. June 2019

I also came across this cuff during the treatment of tennis elbow and tried it out. After a few days, I found the right position. The cuff fit well, but not always. Whenever I bent my arm (in the garden or something), the cuff came off. Probably because the muscle circumference changes somehow when I bend it.

When I stretched it out, the cuff pulled itself back into position, but got tangled, so I often had to *fiddle* with the cuff, so always make sure it fits properly. I could have tightened it even more, but that would have been too much.

This also applies to sports. The cuff is a nuisance during weight training for the same reason. But as I mentioned at the beginning. Everyone’s anatomy is a bit different and will judge it differently. On the inside of the upper arm, the strap chafed despite the padding. For this, I made an extra pad out of neoprene that completely encloses the strap. I wore the cuff for 4 weeks, but I couldn’t do without this pad. The padding provided is just too narrow and slips off the leather easily.

I did not wear the cuff at night. I guess everyone has to find that out for themselves. The thing bothered me and the arm is not strained at night.

During the day I wore it practically all the time. The questions from my fellow citizens were also a bit annoying. The cuff is quite conspicuous and not unlike a prosthesis from a distance. It’s better to wear long-sleeved clothes.

After 4 weeks I put the cuff aside again. There was no real improvement in any form. My tennis elbow has calmed down a bit another 4 weeks later. I can already shake hands with my colleagues again without making a face.

I always carry my right hand (at least I try to) in my right trouser pocket. I try to do everything with my left and consistently take the strain off my right arm.

That’s ultimately what all bandages or cuffs do.

I massage the muscle very often and do hot/cold treatments. Strength training only in the pain free area. It’s slowly getting better and I hope to be back to full strength soon.


Response from

Hello Norbert, thank you very much for your experience report. I am sure it will help many, perhaps even more than the many success stories. (Your full name will of course remain anonymous if you wish). We do not claim that our brace always works for everyone (but it almost always does), but I would like to mention a few points from your report for the benefit of all readers. I offered you to check the fit of the bandage, which you unfortunately refused to do, because you think that what we write in the instructions is nonsense and that you cannot feel a positive effect or relief after 15-30 minutes. We would not be very wise to emphasise such an important tip repeatedly and clearly if this is not the case. The bandage must provide noticeable relief immediately after correct application, otherwise something is wrong. In more than 95% of such cases, there are small but significant application errors that we can quickly correct, but we cannot force anyone to follow the instructions. Since you doubt our instructions, we have no chance here anyway. Our instructions have always evolved and optimised with over 24,000 customers and this important advice is a major factor. What would we gain from writing something like this in if it is wrong? Only unnecessary support. But we want the support to work after the purchase. But that only works after it has been put on correctly. The cuff does not tilt and the protection is also optimal, unless the cuff is incorrectly adjusted and/or the protection is not fitted according to the instructions. Yes, everyone is anatomically “built” individually, but after 24,000 customers you can be sure that we have seen it all before. The brace fits. (We have thousands of strength athletes who train pain-free again and they are all anatomically individual…) Your statement that the arm is not loaded at night is also simply wrong. The arm is stressed several times during the night by pulling up the blanket, supporting it when turning over etc. and sometimes even heavily. It can’t be any different for you, because people turn over quite often during sleep and this puts strain on the tendons (but this doesn’t lead to pain for everyone). The biggest misstatement, however, is “That is ultimately what all bandages and cuffs do”. This really shows quite clearly that something has not been properly understood. Our bandage is the only one that does not work with compression and moves and loosens. This creates an additional massage function. The Masalo Cuff “does something completely different” than all other products for epicondylitis therapy. Only the Masalo cuff works with a counter-tension principle and if you apply it in the same way as all other bandages, cuffs, orthoses, braces etc. it is no longer functional. I think it is a great pity that you completely refuse our support and consistently follow your own idea of how the bandage should be applied. I am quite sure we could have helped you too. After all, it’s about beating your tennis elbow, why wouldn’t you want our help? It can only benefit you and costs you nothing. Your statements point to 2 typical application errors, but as I said, we can’t force you to follow our experiences and instructions. I can only strongly advise against using your left arm more now. I did the same thing and very quickly I had tennis elbow on my left arm as well. That is a bad way to go. I sincerely wish you a good recovery and my offer to help you remains. Best regards Harry Röder

Unfortunately did not help me at all

Rated 1.0 out of 5
4. May 2019

Unfortunately, it didn’t help me at all.

Unfortunately, I seem to be the big exception. I have worn the cuff every day for almost three months and unfortunately I am no better off than before.

I clarified that I had put the cuff on correctly with the manufacturer’s team (contact via this website) using photos. I have had chronic tennis and golfer’s arm for over 2.5 years, which developed during a phase in my life when, in addition to daily work on the PC with a lot of mouse use, I had an additional burden of building a house and laying out a new garden.

I wake up in the morning with a pain-free arm and during the day the pain comes back. Unfortunately, the cuff could not prevent this during computer work, housework or (light) gardening.

The test with lifting the bottle doesn’t work for me because it’s not certain movements that hurt me, but the pain comes in the course of the day because of progressive use of the arm. That’s why I wore the cuff for almost three months to see if it helped, but now I’m giving up 🙁

For those who work on a PC, I can only give the tip that it is easier to operate the computer at least partly by voice control and dictate texts. That reduces the typing and clicking. Apart from that, I can’t really recommend any of the numerous things I have tried out.

I found the Masalo cuff okay in terms of handling and wearing comfort, but unfortunately it didn’t help. Ordering went well and I had a nice, helpful correspondence with the team to check that I hadn’t made a mistake when putting it on.

C. Meunier

Response from

Dear Mrs Meunier, even if your report does not correspond to our goal – that our customers get well – I thank you very much for it. Of course, it can happen that our bandage does not work, but this would be an absolute exception (as you write yourself). It is just as we write, if there is no noticeable relief within the first 15-30 minutes, something is wrong and success may not be achieved. In most cases of this kind, there is a completely different indication and I would be very surprised if you really have classic golfer’s elbow. What I can’t gather from what you have written is what kind of further diagnostics were carried out on you. It is not uncommon that the first diagnosis is epicondylitis and then in the course of the therapies it turns out through further diagnostics that there is a completely different problem. What you write really doesn’t sound like typical epicondylitis to me, and not at all like golfer’s elbow. You don’t have any discomfort when you put weight on your arm, which is completely atypical. You also have no pain at rest that could indicate inflammation, which is almost always the case with golfer’s elbow. Here, the ulnar nerve also tends to become inflamed. All this is quite different in your case. You had the bandage on perfectly, but unfortunately this does not help if you do not get any relief and perhaps there are other indications. (The relief must be noticeable if the support relieves the tendon area, as is visible in your case). I therefore strongly recommend that you seek further diagnosis and find out exactly what the problem may be. If you like, get back to me with a phone number, I can recommend a specialist who can certainly at least diagnose the problem thoroughly. In any case, I would be very pleased if you would contact me again occasionally as soon as you have further results from additional examinations. Thank you very much. I sincerely wish you a good recovery. Best regards Harry Röder

Unfortunately, the cuff did not help me

Rated 1.0 out of 5
30. August 2018

Unfortunately, after wearing it for a quarter of a year, it did not help me. It had also been fitted correctly. I also found it very uncomfortable, but I kept it on for a long time, unfortunately without success.

Ingo Görrissen, 24850 Schuby

Response from

Please read: Hello Mr. Görrissen, thank you for your feedback and I am very happy that someone says “does not help”. I am publishing this, of course, as we do not want to engage in censorship. However, I would also like to take this opportunity to ensure that others do not make the same mistake. Several mistakes have been made here. Of course, it is possible that the bandage does not help, we are in medicine and medicine always has to be looked at individually. However, we have always been able to identify this so far. The reasons were always wrong application, and rarely also wrong diagnosis. But what I don’t understand at all is why you completely ignored the enclosed brief instructions and are so sure that you applied the bandage correctly. Even specialist dealers and doctors put the bandage on incorrectly and still think it is correct, I cannot see that, you have completely ignored the instructions, otherwise we would have heard something from you. These brief instructions are at the top of every consignment, there is the sentence “PLEASE READ FIRST!” in bright yellow with red bold letters. Directly underneath the points to create is written again in red and bold: *You should feel a clear relief immediately after correct application (within 15-30 minutes) (not everyone is immediately pain-free, but you should feel a positive effect in any case). If the relief does not occur, something is wrong, see below for instructions on how to proceed. Go to the application page, send photos etc. or send the support back. You have done none of these things. Some people only follow the video. They just watch it in its entirety and then experiment with the bandage. It doesn’t work like that, that’s why the sentence on the short instructions. How are you supposed to remember everything that is shown in the video, you have to pause in between until the step has been worked through correctly and then continue… You can also wear the support for longer, but if the relief does not occur immediately, there is no positive effect, then the support is not effective in this case and under these individual circumstances. As I said, so far we have always been able to clarify this and it is almost always an application error. But the customers contact us because they want to get better. Only then can we help. Just think about it: If the bandage did not work, we would not have to send anything with such a statement in the instructions and we would have countless returns (but returns are very rare if the bandage is used correctly). Read the other testimonials, you’ll see that many people don’t get on at first, we help and then it works, that’s what a lot of reports say. Another piece of information that you have ignored: With tennis elbow, one of the symptoms is pain when lifting something with an outstretched arm. Here you do a simple test: 1.) lift a full 1.5 litre PET bottle with an outstretched arm – without the Masalo cuff on – => there is a clear strain pain 2.) put the bandage on correctly, properly tight as described 3.) stretch the arm with full force in the opposite direction 4.) lift the bottle again, now the strain pain should ideally be completely gone, or at least reduced to such an extent that the bottle can be lifted without major problems That is quite simple, isn’t it? Why do you wear a completely ineffective bandage for weeks and months without contacting us at least once? I do not understand. Kind regards Harry Röder

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