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Even though many customers report an immediate freedom from pain, it may take a while ridding your tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow completely and of course it is also possible that the Masalo Cuff may not have the desired effect in your personal case. An epicondylitis is a serious medical issue and medical matters are always individual. The healing progress is dependant on many factors and differs for each patient. Therefore and for legal reasons we cannot and will not provide a healing guaranty. Some reviews have been translated from German.
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Needs getting used to but effective

15. June 2018

My tennis elbow was so bad that I couldn’t even unscrew a water bottle. The orthopaedist said that only an operation would help, everything else would be pointless.

So I searched the internet and came across this cuff. I have been wearing the cuff for eight days now during all physical activity and the pain is decreasing daily. Unfortunately, the leather has not softened yet, so the cuff still feels like a tank. But that is really the only flaw and maybe it will get better.

Michael Liebold, Nordwestuckermark

I can definitely recommend the cuff

24. January 2017

Hello dear Masalo Team,

This is my first internet review and it is only now that I have been wearing the Masalo cuff permanently for a quarter of a year.

I had really massive and extreme pain in my right arm with the diagnosis of tennis elbow. However, the Masalo cuff only brought about an improvement with a time lag and in the long term. Now, about 3 months after continuous use, I can definitely confirm a clear relief. I can confirm 80% of my recovery at the moment and thank you very much for this. I can definitely recommend the cuff to others and hope that I will finally and permanently be free of symptoms.

Thank you very much!

Andrea Häußler, Burgthann

Response from

Dear Ms Häußler, thank you for your report. What you report is not typical for the Masalo cuff. I suspect a small but decisive application error here. I am not satisfied with 80% improvement after 3 months 🙂 Please contact me once and send me 2 photos with the bandage on by email. Photograph the arm in such a way that I can see at least the area from the wrist to the elbow, stretch it to about 120 degrees (until the counter-tension / resistance is clearly noticeable), one picture from the outer side, one from the inner side of the arm, so that I can see the adjustments. The Masalo cuff should provide significant relief within 15-30 minutes. With tennis elbow, it should only take 3 months to be out of the woods in extreme exceptions. With golfer’s elbow, it may take even longer. Continue to recover well. Kind regards Harry Röder

Not as quickly pain-free as others - but then symptom-free!

17. January 2017

Dear Mr Röder and team,

Now it’s time to post my thanks to all of you and tell you about myself and my experiences. I work as a cleaning specialist and am on duty every day. I have had golfer’s elbow on the right for about 2 years and have gone from doctor to doctor, all the treatments and applications made the pain worse and I was frequently on sick leave. Finally, the doctor advised me to immobilise it with a plaster cast. After that, I couldn’t do anything at all without the severe stabbing pain!

I was desperate and searched for fellow sufferers on the internet….and came across Masalo. I was sceptical at first, but that’s how it is after an odyssey. …I ordered and received my cuff. I didn’t have the problems adjusting it, but I didn’t have pain relief as quickly as others. So I wrote to Mr Röder and we talked on the phone together and found a solution. I wore the cuff for half a year and was free of pain!

Now, a few weeks ago, the pain started again. Unfortunately, my cuff had not been greased by me and was really hard. …. Mr Röder reacted immediately and sent me a cuff with small blemishes. Many thanks to you and the great service! My colleague also wears the cuff and I am very glad that it exists.

Kind regards and thank you……Ulrike Zachris-Kaemper

Ulrike Zachris-Kaemper, Verl

My pain was relieved immediately (!)

19. April 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was diagnosed with epicondylitis five months ago. Physiotherapy, cold-warm compresses, stretching, abstaining from tennis and skiing…. none of this has helped to date.

Three days ago, the Masalo cuff arrived. I have been wearing it for 72 hours now.

My pain was relieved immediately (!). Shopping and daily household chores are much easier.

I am full of hope again that I will be able to get my elbow under control after all.

Kaufmann Julia, München

Good support to other therapies

17. October 2012

Dear Mr Röder,

When I ordered the cuff, my symptoms had already decreased after manual therapy. In the meantime, the pain has improved further, whether through therapy or the cuff cannot be said, perhaps it was the supplement. I continue to hope for a complete healing and wish you every success.

With kind regards


U. B.

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