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Even though many customers report an immediate freedom from pain, it may take a while ridding your tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow completely and of course it is also possible that the Masalo Cuff may not have the desired effect in your personal case. An epicondylitis is a serious medical issue and medical matters are always individual. The healing progress is dependant on many factors and differs for each patient. Therefore and for legal reasons we cannot and will not provide a healing guaranty. Some reviews have been translated from German.
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Scepticism was disproved - cuff really helps, even with weight training

24. February 2019

After a long research and 2 unsatisfactory visits to the doctor a la “keep calm and everything will be fine in a few weeks”, I ordered the cuff.

At first, I thought 80€ was a bit steep, considering the premise of what happens if it doesn’t help. Since I simply didn217;t want to start a 4-8 week “keep your arm still” programme, because that’s just completely impossible, I ordered the cuff.

Timeline: Pain started at the beginning of November, until the middle/end of December I hoped it would go away on its own. Then I ordered the cuff at the end of December.

The cuff was put on in January.

The first week consisted of a few hurdles to overcome, putting on the cuff is an individual matter and the instructions only help to a limited extent. I had to adjust the cuff 3 times to get a good fit.

The first time I put it on too tightly, my arm swelled up a bit – but that wasn’t so bad. After that it was fine. And now for the best part: After the second week, I felt an immense drop in pain – suddenly it only hurt half as much. After 4 weeks, the pain was almost completely gone. Really intense. I just didn’t expect it.

After 3 weeks I already started with sports – even American football was possible.

God willing, I’ll never need a cuff again, but if the worst should happen, I’ll get one right away or put on the old one.

Current pain status btw: Almost no more pain, only extreme strain on the forearm is still painful. However, I’ll do without the cuff for the time being, as I don’t have any pain in everyday life, only when I put provocative pressure on the forearm.

So why only 4 stars?

1. because no one reads through the 5 star reviews anymore, everyone thinks it’s fake 🙂 But believe me: it helps

2. because two things are not quite so cool: I completely scratched my desk with the buckle. A problem that is difficult to fix from a construction point of view. And then there’s the issue of sports. Unlike a sleeve or similar, the cuff just looks super soppy at some point due to sweat etc. Even cleaning it several times only helps to a certain extent. It helps, but you don’t really feel like it. Of course, I have to say that this is quite normal.

Conclusion: Treat yourself to the cuff, in the end 80€ for a healthy arm is a joke. And: keep at it, you should last a few weeks.

Kai Nass, Birkenwerder

Response from

Hello and thank you very much for the nice experience report. Yes, it is true that the brace is extremely effective, but it still has a lot of potential for improvement in the areas of appearance, use and comfort. The “problem” with the buckle, however, is easy to fix. If you sit at your desk a lot, you should either cover the buckle with a plaster, for example, or even better, pull a sweatband over the bottom of the entire forearm cuff to prevent scratching the desk. If anything happens, please contact us immediately, there is always a solution 🙂 We also have a lot of kindergarten teachers and other people who work with children or in care. They help themselves with a sweatband or something similar and pull something over the buckles for safety. While the buckles are extremely high quality and to date there has never been an injury, in certain areas it doesn’t hurt to cover them up a bit. These things are all fixed in our upcoming textile version, unfortunately it takes much longer than expected until we have completed the CE documentation and certification and until then you still have to put up with the small disadvantages, but in return you get rid of the annoying epicondylitis 🙂 All the best and maximum sporting success. Best regards Harry Röder

Helps, but it takes some getting used to.

8. January 2019

First of all: The cuff actually helped me a lot. That’s why I got 5 stars.

Also 5 stars for the very nice contact and great customer service.

Still, only 4 stars because the cuff takes a lot of getting used to at first. Putting it on for the first time and adjusting it correctly is – despite the accompanying explanation and the video – quite awkward at first and it took me many attempts and personal advice until it was properly fitted.

The first few days also took a lot of getting used to, and I always took it off at night because the cuff bothered me when I slept. It also looks really scary – more like an instrument of torture than a medical device.

However, since it serves its purpose – and much better than other stocking cuffs or similar, which had no effect on me – it really deserves the 4 stars.

Thank you very much!

Joachim Haug

Response from

Dear Mr Haug, thank you very much for your helpful report. Yes, you hit the points exactly. We have an extremely effective product against epicondylitis, but with the BASIC leather version we will certainly neither win a beauty prize nor an award for comfort 🙂 Not everyone finds it so difficult to put on, but it does happen that we have to help a little. In the end, however, it almost always works out. We have already comprehensively optimised the points you mentioned with our new development of the Masalo Cuff MED. This new version is easy to put on and has an even better efficiency. It also looks really smart and modern 🙂 A great product and we can hardly wait for all the tests for CE certification to be completed so that we can start selling it. (Which I’m sure won’t be until March to July 2019). Please subscribe to our newsletter at All subscribers will receive a very generous discount and the opportunity to purchase this version before the official launch. As most of our customers continue to use our brace prophylactically at work and sport after recovery, this might be of interest to you too. We wish you all the best for the new year. Stay healthy. Kind regards Harry Röder

In any case better than without

19. December 2018

I have had epicondylitis for 5 years now. I can’t even list everything I’ve done so far. I have been wearing the cuff for about 3 months now. My pain has decreased, but I still feel heat in my elbow almost all the time, which is a constant inflammation. I can’t wear the cuff at night. But during the day I always wear it. And I now feel it is too big. At 25.5 cm, I was on the fence between s and m. I’m now thinking of buying another one in s. And I’m not always sure about the size. And I’m not always sure if it’s too tight. On the whole, it’s better than without. I hope that with the length of my illness it will probably take longer to heal.

Iris Kamann

Pros and cons of a great invention

30. July 2018

I also bought this cuff about 1 month ago and after a long email conversation with the really very friendly Mr Röder, I was able to get the cuff adjusted to some extent. Here comes the biggest problem for me, I have never really found the perfect setting, the cuff was really very uncomfortable and so tightly adjusted (otherwise it slipped off my upper arm all the time) that I got abrasions on my upper arm. The cuff was also useless for weight training and I still don’t understand how to train with it and I tried every setting.

But now to the positive: The cuff was my last hope for improvement and I really tried everything that was medically available in this area. I then wore the cuff for 2 weeks with a little more or less pain and as Mr Röder told me “NO MORE THREAT” my pain actually got better day by day and currently the pain has almost disappeared. I can only recommend the cuff to everyone – try it out. I hope Mr Röder you don’t mind me having to deduct 1 star because of the fit, otherwise thanks to you my pain is finally gone and I can train again.


V. Haubrichs, Müsntermaifeld

Response from

Hello Mr. Haubrichs,, I will never hold it against anyone to honestly report their experiences, that would be bad 🙂 The bandage still has potential for improvement, no doubt about it, that’s why the textile will come in a few months (it doesn’t rub any more…) However, something is wrong with you. We have so many strength athletes and body builders who all train with the bandage and none of them have skin abrasions. In your case it was simply the protective element that was positioned incorrectly. It has to be attached to the upper arm strap in such a way that it is flush with the upper edge of the strap. Otherwise – as in your case – the belt cannot rest on the padding, but comes up against the skin. With a lot of force, as in sports, this can then lead to irritation. It’s all good. You are feeling better, that is the most important thing. I wish you a good recovery and try to attach the protector correctly (there are several pieces of Velcro included, otherwise you will get a new one). Best regards Harry Röder

Finally triathlon and working without pain again

11. July 2018

I ordered the cuff 3 weeks ago with great scepticism as to whether it could help me. Since the problem has existed for 10 years and only surgery would supposedly help, I was a little unsure at first whether the cuff would help. But it does from the first minute. At first the material is very hard, but after a few days it gives way. Since one week, I can finally ride a road bike again without pain and without the cuff, which unfortunately interferes with riding. There’s also a deduction for weight training because it’s more of a nuisance than a benefit, but otherwise 100 points. Working at the computer is fun again. I’m now recommending it to my physiotherapist and doctor.

Lara Heim

Response from

Hello, thank you very much for your experience report. Why don’t you talk to other strength athletes / bodybuilders? They get along very well with the support, especially during training. Otherwise we will be happy to help you (our Eric Siebert is an enthusiastic strength athlete himself), or contact Body Planet Mr. Tamer Galal (former Mr. Universum), send him our best regards, he will certainly be happy to support you. Continue your recovery. Best regards Harry Röder

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